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I invested successfully but can't see my Badge. Why?

After a successful investment, Badges are minted and sent to your investment wallet. Display varies across wallets & platforms due to the NFT's ERC-1155 token standard. Check your NFT Badge on our website (angelblock.io), connect your wallet on OpenSea, or visit https://etherscan.io/address/your-wallet-address#nfttransfers

What are the benefits of earning a Badge?

Earning a Badge not only signifies your investment in a project, but it also grants you Voting Power. This determines your influence in the milestone voting system once the raise concludes. This way, you get to participate in key decisions regarding the project's progression.

Can I sell my Badge?

Currently, the Badges earned from participating in a raise can't be transferred or sold.

What happens to my Badge from a raise that didn't reach the softcap?

A Badge from a failed raise allows you to reclaim your invested funds. Although it remains in your wallet, it loses functionality on our platform, and milestone voting for the raise won't happen.

I'm a community sale investor staking 1000 THOL but I can't access Tier 3. Why is this?

Please ensure you're connected with the right wallet. To qualify for Tier 3 as a community sale participant staking 1000 THOL, you must use the wallet you originally used for the community sale.

Despite staking 1000 THOL and using the correct wallet as a community sale investor, I can't participate in the raise beyond investing $999. Why?

To invest over $999, you must complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Without KYC, your investment is capped at $999.

How many transactions do I need to approve to successfully participate in the raise?

You'll need to approve two transactions:
  1. Approve allowance for the amount of USDT you wish to invest

  2. Proceed with payment

Upon confirming the transaction, you'll see a message confirming your successful investment.

As a Tier 1, 2, or 3 investor, when can I invest?

Our raises follow a top-down model, starting from Tier 3 and moving down to Tier 1. The project page shows when the next tier opens. Remember, previous Tiers can still invest when newer ones open.

How can I KYC to qualify for higher investments?

For a step-by-step KYC guide, refer to our detailed article.

Can I invest in multiple projects at once?

Yes, you can participate in multiple fundraises as long as they are active and you have sufficient funds to invest.

What is the minimum amount I can invest in a project?

The minimum amount varies from project to project. The specifics of each project's fundraising campaign, including the minimum investment amount, are detailed on their respective project pages.

How can I increase my investment Tier?

Your investment tier is determined by the amount of THOL you've staked. To increase your investment tier, you can stake more THOL on the Staking page.

Where can I view all my investments?

You can monitor all your investments on your Investor Dashboard.

How do I track the progress of a project I've invested in?

After making an investment, you gain access to the Investor Dashboard. This is where you can monitor the progress of all your investments, including the milestones set by each project.

What if a raise doesn't reach its target amount?

If a raise doesn't hit the soft cap, investors can reclaim their funds. If it exceeds the soft cap but falls short of the hard cap, the raise is still successful, and the startup can proceed with a limited budget. Token allocation for investors and proportional budget allocation for the startup remains unchanged.

Where can I find the current projects undergoing a raise?

Navigate to the Projects page and select the active projects.

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