Navigating AngelBlock: A Breakdown of Features for Investors

14 Jun 2023 · 6 min read

As AngelBlock propels a fresh wave of innovation in the world of web3 fundraising, understanding how to effectively navigate our groundbreaking platform becomes paramount. This guide serves as both an introduction and roadmap to the unique features AngelBlock brings to the table, illuminating how these elements interplay to revolutionize the crypto fundraising process.
From project pages to the mechanics of a fundraise, from the concept of staking tiers to the application of milestone mechanics and the role of badges, we're set to delve deep. The goal? To arm you with the knowledge needed to tap into AngelBlock's full potential, optimizing your investment experience and outcomes. So, let's start this enlightening journey into the heart of web3 fundraising, uniquely reshaped by AngelBlock.

Understanding the Project Page and Fundraise

Every project listed on AngelBlock has its own dedicated page, providing a comprehensive outline of the project's fundamentals, vision, and mechanics. As an investor, you'll gain insights into how the project delivers value to the market, the specifics of the project's tokenomics, and an introduction to the team. Notably, each project featured on AngelBlock is individually evaluated and verified by our expert team, reinforcing our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of due diligence. But we don't stop there - in line with our commitment to the ethos of decentralization, we're working on plans to decentralize this evaluation process as well.
This move will democratize the project vetting process, further aligning our platform with the decentralized spirit of the blockchain. In addition to these valuable insights, the project page hosts detailed information about each project's fundraise. You'll find the total amount the project aims to raise and the timeline for the raise, ensuring you have all the vital data you need to make well-informed investment decisions.
As of now, all fundraises are conducted on the Ethereum blockchain and only USDT is accepted. However, we're actively working on implementing multi-chain functionality and support for additional base currencies beyond just USDT for future flexibility in investment choices. This consolidation of detailed information equips investors to make well-informed investment decisions.

Unlocking Opportunities: Staking Tiers and Rewards

At AngelBlock, we've instituted a distinctive staking tiers system designed to create a fair and rewarding environment for investors. By staking $THOL tokens, you are placed into specific tiers which each have their own level of priority access and ticket sizes to the fundraising projects.
Here's a detailed look at our staking tiers:
  • Standard User (Tier 0): Users who've staked 0 – 20k $THOL fall into this category. Standard users can invest up to $2k, and they gain access to the fundraise after the first three tiers have had their opportunity.

  • Value Investor (Tier 1): Users staking 20k – 100k $THOL become Value Investors. These users have the opportunity to invest up to $10k and gain early access to fundraises after the first two tiers have participated.

  • Angel Investor (Tier 2): With 100k – 500k $THOL staked, investors fall into the Angel Investor tier. These investors have access to larger investment ticket sizes of up to $25k, along with the privilege of second priority access for the given fundraises.

  • Institutional Investor (Tier 3): Our top-tier users, staking 500k+ $THOL, are labeled as Institutional Investors. These individuals enjoy the most substantial benefits, being able to invest up to $50k and gaining first priority access to fundraises. Notably, any community sale participant who stakes a minimum of 1000 $THOL at the start of the raise will be considered a Tier 3 investor.

For the upcoming SOLA-X raise, each tier enjoys a 24-hour window of priority to invest in the project, starting with Institutional Investors, followed by Angel Investors, Value Investors, and lastly Standard Users.
Please note that the details outlined here including the staking requirements, priority of access, ticket sizes, and the 24-hour priority window are specific to the SOLA-X raise. Conditions and investment rules may vary for future fundraises. We recommend staying updated with our announcements and checking the specifics for each project's raise to keep abreast of any changes.
Also note that investors are required to complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) process in order to invest more than $999. Ensure you have completed this step to fully leverage the investment opportunities on AngelBlock.

Innovative Investor Protections: Milestone Mechanism and Badges

The twin pillars of investor protection and assurance on AngelBlock are its unique Milestone Mechanism and Badge system.
Milestone Mechanism: In each project listed on AngelBlock, a set of milestones is established before the fundraising event begins. Each milestone includes clear deliverables, timelines, the proportion of the budget to be unlocked for the projects, and the amount of tokens to be released. However, in the case of early-stage startups like SOLA-X, investors have the right to receive tokens but these are under seed round vesting. This means that investors will receive tokens according to the Seed round vesting schedule, a mechanism designed to give startups ample time to manage token distribution versus demand, and to ensure an optimal price as detailed in their tokenomics.
These milestones act as progress checkpoints and provide reassurance for investors. When a milestone date is reached, the startup submits a delivery report. As an investor, you then vote to approve or reject the progress based on this report. This system ensures the startup's progress and the release of funds become a shared responsibility between the startup and its investors.
If a milestone is rejected, the startup has seven days from the milestone rejection date to announce a repair plan. The repair plan should include redefined deliverables, a new date, and it inherits the budget and tokens released from the rejected milestone.
Investors can then vote to approve or reject the repair plan following the same standard voting rules as milestone approval. An approved repair plan sets a new date and deliverables for milestone approval voting.
In case a repair plan is rejected, or a milestone is rejected with no approved repair plan, investors can reclaim the budget assigned to the rejected milestone. If the startup fails to deliver a trustworthy repair plan, all the invested assets assigned to the failed and remaining milestones will be returned to the investors. Simultaneously, any utility tokens generated by the startup and assigned to failed and remaining milestones will be returned to the startup.
Additionally, startups can request adjustments to single milestones or overhauls of their roadmaps. These modifications are subject to investor approval, following the standard voting rules.
Badges: Adding to the unique features of AngelBlock, Badges are ERC-1155 tokens generated automatically for you when you participate in a fundraise. These badges serve a purpose beyond mere symbolism. They represent your voting power in a given raise and your position in vested tokens. Importantly, badges are also utilized in the voting process for the acceptance of milestone deliveries, milestone re-planning, and repair plans. This system not only decentralizes power and rewards within the protocol but also affords you a more tangible and active role in your investments.

Getting Ready for the First Raise: SOLA-X

As we gear up to host our first fundraising event featuring SOLA-X at the end of the month, we believe it's essential for you, as an investor, to familiarize yourself with AngelBlock's unique features. Our goal is to foster a more transparent, equitable, and investor-focused environment in digital asset fundraising.
Also, keep an eye out for a forthcoming UI guide to the platform. This guide will provide visual instructions to assist you in navigating our system, ensuring you make the most out of your investment journey.
Remember, we're not just offering a platform for investment, but an opportunity to actively participate in the growth and success of innovative startups within the web3 ecosystem.
For any further queries or support, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're excited to welcome you on this unique investment journey with AngelBlock. Stay tuned for more updates!

Written by: Christian Santagata

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