The AngelBlock Startup Grant Program

$90K USDT in the pool for 3 startups·
Deadline: September 30, 2022

Democratizing fundraising for the blockchain space

AngelBlock is a Crypto and FinTech investment platform connecting investors with noteworthy startups with a focus on early-stage investments.

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is now over. 2407 NFTs
have been minted.

The 2nd batch coming soon

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Fundraise Staking
for Investors

Decreased Fees
for Startups

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Angel Mentor Network

Secondary Equity
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Fundraising is Broken

Traditional fundraising is clunky, inefficient, and many traditional VCs simply “don’t get” crypto at this stage.

Seamless Experience

AngelBlock decreases friction points between investors, startups and DAOs.

Secondary Marketplace

AngelBlock will host a secondary marketplace for trading tokenized shares of crypto startups.

The Tholos Token

Our native utility token ($THOL) will bring real value to all types of AngelBlock users: Investors, Startups, and DeFi enthusiasts.

Crypto Based Fundraising

Multiple forms of fundraising: Equity, Tokens, Equity + Tokens.

Our mission is simple

Generate as much value for future startups within the digital assets ecosystem

While giving investors access to exclusive deals yielding high returns and saving time.

We want to shape the future of crypto by making the lives of future founders and entrepreneurs easier. AngelBlock is on a long term mission.

We are conducting a token sale that will create the largest decentralized network of investors, shaping the future of the digital assets and financial technologies space.

We want all who believe that investment banking and venture capital can be changed for the better to join us in our mission.

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