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$THOL Token is live!



Tholos Token


Designed to be always in a state of demand from our platform's users on both sides - investors as well as startups, looking to raise funds. The token itself will be capped at 400,000,000 tokens.

$THOL functionalities

Gas in $THOL

$THOL will be used to pay gas in the protocol interactions and not requiring ETH on the user's side.

Gas in $THOLGas in $THOL
Staking rewardsStaking rewards

Staking rewards

Earning deflationary APY in exchange for nominating Validators of Startups.

Connect your wallet with NFT or $THOL to stake!

Priority access on investments

Early access to projects listed on AngelBlock platform and increased ticket sizes based on Staked $THOL amount


Access to $THOL and NFTs staking.

To unlock access to the staking interface, you need to have $THOL or NFT in your wallet.

Staking UIStaking UIStaking UI
How to start earning

Buy $THOL or NFT or both!

You have to buy $THOL on Uniswap, MEXC, C14, BitMart. You can buy NFT on OpenSea.


Connect a wallet where you have $THOL or NFT.

Use Metamask or another wallet connected via WalletConnect.


Start earning up to 22%.

Earn up to 22% rewards annually from staking THOL and AngelBlock NFTs.

Already onboarded?

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& Delegation

Stake AngelBlock NFTs to earn Staking rewards. Stakers will receive auto-compounded $THOL periodically based on tokens staked vs the reward pool. Stakers will delegate voting power to Validators, who will choose startups for listing on the platform, as well as performing the due diligence of the startups.

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