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What is AngelBlock?

AngelBlock is a crypto investment platform connecting investors with noteworthy startups with a focus on early-stage investments. AngelBlock will allow crypto, Web3, and blockchain startups to raise funds and gain support from knowledgeable, experienced professionals with a proven track record.

What is AngelBlock's goal?

Apart from democratizing fundraising in Web 3.0, our goal is to create a compliant industry standard for token-based raises going forward, which is geographically-agnostic, safer, and more transparent than what is currently available on the market. Our short term objective is to keep the wider crypto community safer by giving them tools that can impact the 2.8b USD lost to rugpulls in 2021 alone (statistic from Chainalysis report).

When did the platform go live?

We launched v.01 of the platform October 31st, 2022.

Why DeFi?

DeFi is estimated to have a 43.8% CAGR till 2030, and yet there is a severe lack of infrastructure to maintain this kind of growth while ensuring user security. In the early stages of the project we will be predominantly focused on the European and Asian markets, where token raises do not pose regulatory issues (enforced by KYC and US IP blocking). Although the EU lags behind the US in terms of total capital deployed in crypto via funds, there was parity achieved for the first time in 2022, in terms of the amount of investment deals made. We see this trend continuing, and the amount of capital deployed steadily rising. This, mixed with the much more favorable regulatory environment concerning token based raises, has the potential to be an incredibly lucrative market with the proper infrastructure and security that will be provided by AngelBlock.

What is the plan to achieve AngelBlock's goal?

  1. Implementing MiCa / EU regulatory guidelines into the AngelBlock protocol procedures in the short-run, validated through a due diligence process and having investors go through KYC (above a specific capital threshold). We have longer term plans to do the same in the US if, and when, the regulatory environment allows for it.

  2. Incorporating milestone-based voting by investors post-raise to establish guidelines for startups on the required deliverables to receive funding and the terms of the raise.

  3. Plugging in reporting tools (ie Messari or similar) to enable timely financial reporting to startups and investors – the accuracy of data will be the startup’s responsibility.

  4. Decentralization of the protocol by incentivizing validators through our token economics to do due diligence on startups and ensure governance proceeds accordingly.

  5. Leveraged community building for us and startups we will be listing, ranging from DAO formations to tool and infrastructure accessibility.

  6. Allowing founders and crypto projects access to our on-chain vesting, cap table management, and token distribution tools, making the process safer, more transparent, as well as efficient (approx. 20% of tokens from sales are sent to a wrong address or in the wrong amount).

Will fundraising on AngelBlock always be on Ethereum?

No, we plan on integrating many Layer-1 & 2 blockchains so fundraisers can be natively hosted there. We are currently working on Aleph Zero integration, and we also have Avalanche integration coming up soon.

What is the first project for the fundraising on AngelBlock?

It's SOLA-X.

What is the connection between AngelBlock and Aleph Zero?

Aleph Zero co-founders are close friends and advisors to AngelBlock and we plan on working closely for years to come, including integrating their ecosystem with ours and becoming the go-to fundraising solution for all startups building on their blockchain. Read more about it here.

Where can I follow announcements?

We recommend you to join our Telegram, Discord and follow us on Twitter.

Couldn't find the answer to your question?

Reach us on dedicated local channels in our official Discord or delve into details in our whitepaper. There is no such thing as bad questions!

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