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Has a date for the second mint been announced?

Not yet. TBA.

How can I get access to the second batch of the mint?

It will be open to everyone on a first come first serve basis.

How many NFTs will be available for the second mint?

A total of 4.495 NFTs will be available for the second batch of our NFT collection.

What will the mint price be for the second NFT collection?

TBA. We are open to suggestions & community feedback, you can join our community and share your thoughts.

Can I stake my AngelBlock NFTs?

Yes, you can stake your NFTs through the staking interface to earn rewards in THOL and exclusive benefits on the AngelBlock platform.

What is full IP ownership?

If you own it, it’s yours. You can literally do anything you want with it as it becomes your intellectual property. Wanna make 1000 t-shirts and sell them online? Awesome! Go for it. There will be no limitations placed on these tokens.

Where can I buy AngelBlock NFTs?

To get more NFTs, visit the AngelBlock NFT collection on OpenSea and acquire your preferred NFTs.

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