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When was the presale of Tholos Token ($THOL)?

THOL presale ended in November 2022, but you can now buy $THOL on Uniswap and on MEXC exchange.

Is $THOL available for purchase?

Yes, you can now buy $THOL on Uniswap, on MEXC exchange and on C14.

What is the ticker for Tholos Token?

It’s $THOL.

Was $THOL launched on Aleph Zero ecosystem?

No, $THOL is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network but Aleph Zero integration is a very big part of our plans for 2023. We’re currently working diligently with the AZERO team in order to bring projects building on AZERO, into our protocol in the most native way possible.

What was the initial supply of $THOL?


Where can I see a list of all $THOL related wallets?

We hold transparency as our core value and strive to ensure that it remains consistent throughout all aspects of our operations. To that end, we have provided a list of all $THOL wallets and their designated purposes below, and we also encourage you to verify this information for yourselves by reviewing the comments section of each individual $THOL wallet on Etherscan.
  • 0x207e14389183A94343942de7aFbC607F57460618 - Tholos token linked with thol.eth

  • 0x91d358A216114bBE6D2C5d2528450A1140F4112F - Vesting contract of all tokens under vesting

  • 0x774E740F2a33BDE646DF7Cd8e60cF6cAd0587551 - Multisig used for staking rewards

  • 0xDae12609c69249Ca61a9D9fFF627f0B0ff0A0baE - Multisig used for liquidity management

  • 0x2491E57da872615A7f5A11F690f810015c6FAfeD - Hot wallet #1 used for liquidity management

  • 0x8c3d141cCD94FB0Fb9627ED4980f5FbE1D4906A2 - Hot wallet #2 used for liquidity management

Is $THOL listed on any CEX?

Yes, THOL is currently listed on the MEXC exchange.

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