August Roundup: Stabble (formerly SOLA-X) Milestone Voting, EVM Compatibility, and More

31 Aug 2023 · 3 min read

Monthly Update
Monthly Update
Marketing & Community
Marketing & Community
Hello AngelBlock Community,
As August comes to a close, we'd like to update you on the progress we've made. This includes developments in our product, updates to our ecosystem, and community news. Our commitment to improving the decentralized fundraising space remains strong. Here's a more detailed look at our recent activities.


Stabble First Milestone Voting Happening on 1st September

Stabble x AngelBlock.jpeg The first milestone voting for Stabble (formerly SOLA-X) is set to take place tomorrow, September 1st. Despite the name change, the product remains on the same chains and continues to follow the same mission and roadmap.
This milestone voting feature is introducing a new layer of engagement in the crypto fundraising space. It empowers contributors to actively participate in governing the projects they support, aligning with the principles of decentralization.
If you want to read more about the recent rebranding, the reason behind it and what it means, you can do it through Stabble announcement.

EVM Compatibility: Multichain is the Future, and We're Building It

In line with our commitment to staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation, we're excited to share ongoing work on multiple EVM-compatible blockchains integrations. With the Delta Prime raise being conducted on the Avalanche blockchain, we aim to evolve AngelBlock into a truly multichain protocol.


Staking Update

  • Total THOL staked: 19,843,500 $THOL

  • Staker count: 294

  • NFTs staked: 871

  • Current market value per NFT: 3,416.85 $THOL

  • THOL staking rewards pool: 26,801,531 $THOL

If you haven't staked your $THOL or NFTs yet, you can start staking here.

Aleph Zero Validator Node crossed 2.5M AZERO staked

Aleph Zero node.png Our Aleph Zero validator node is nearing its half-year mark and has now crossed 2.5M $AZERO staked. We attribute this growth to the community's trust and our blockchain-low commision of 5%. Additionally, we're proud to report that our validator has maintained a 100% uptime, demonstrating consistent reliability, security, and performance.

Marketing & Community

Making Milestone Voting Clear

Post Raise Mechanics.png To prepare our investor community for the Stabble milestone voting, we published an extensive guide detailing the milestone mechanics.

AMA Session: Transparency and Insights

AMA.jpeg We held an AMA session featuring our Co-Founder & CTO Marcin Majchrzak and our CFO Leith Shankland, diving deep into AngelBlock’s recent and upcoming updates, protocol development, and next raises.

From Conference to Conference

Our CEO, Alex Strzesniewski, is prepped to speak at key industry events including the Zebu Live (4-5 Oct) and European Blockchain Convention (24-25 Oct), underscoring our thought leadership in the space.

Looking ahead

September promises to be a month filled with key events, including the first milestone voting for Stabble. Additionally, we'll be announcing the next project that will be fundraising on AngelBlock.
We appreciate your ongoing engagement and look forward to sharing more updates with you. Stay tuned for what's coming next as we continue to evolve.

Written by: Christian Santagata

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