Introducing Badges: Shaping Crypto Fundraising on AngelBlock

28 Jun 2023 · 3 min read

Introducing badges
Last year, amidst an array of opportunities and challenges, we introduced the innovative concept of Badges, a component of the AngelBlock Protocol that has brought about a new paradigm in crypto fundraising.

So what are Badges?

Badges are NFTs, specifically ERC1155 tokens, that will be unlocked by investors after project fundraising is complete. From a governance perspective, Badges allow investors to vote during milestone-based delivery checkpoints for their specific project investment. Roadmap milestones will be determined for each project and act as the fundamental trigger for startups to receive the various tranches of the funds from the fundraise that was conducted. Each badge will display information pertaining to that specific investment, including information such as project name, investment amount, voting influence, and more.
Badges examples

Unprecedented utility

The utilization of badges allows us as AngelBlock to add a multitude of layers to our pre-existing infrastructure and automate procedures by implementing additional smart contracts. Badges will be dynamic, and coded to fit the prerequisites of the investments, whilst adding exclusivity for the investor. In the future, we are also evaluating the possibility of creating a secondary market for the specific investment tokens of any determined project. This gives a whole new dynamic to the investment process that has not been explored previously. The badges will serve as an investment receipt; a digital token certificate with the utility and functionality of blockchain smart contracts embedded, distinguishing them from their traditional share certificate counterparts.

Governance with a purpose

As mentioned in previous articles, AngelBlock believes that fundraising should be democratized, decentralized and as transparent as possible. Giving the community the opportunity to vote on important issues should not only be a right, but a responsibility as well. Voting influence on projects will be determined by a number of factors and we believe the process we will follow will allow for the investors to continually have their say and assist in the success of the project they invest in. Majority of projects in the Web 3 ecosystem owe their success to their community, and there are wonderful synergies that present themselves when there is a just balance of power. We want to facilitate these synergies in the best way possible by leveling the scales, and leveraging them to help create the best possible project outcome. There will be more details on the voting prerequisites in the near future.
Badges examples

A Badge of Honor

Not only will badges have the utility mentioned above, they will also serve as collectibles in the future for early investors to relish and reminisce on successful investments. We believe they will serve as honorary mementos, with the inherent value of knowing that investors took the risk and it paid off. So many people in the community talk about how early they got in on projects and what their growth on these projects were, without evidence to corroborate their stories and the community having to take such people at their word. Badges make these statements undisputable, and visible to anyone on the blockchain. We believe they will become a symbol of pride in the future.

A rewarding expedition

One thing is certain. The AngelBlock team is breaking down the walls of traditional finance and fundraising, to create a systematic, automated and user friendly process investors and projects can trust. We have already shown our intentions with the utility we are implementing at this stage, with so much more to come. The time has come to use Web 3 and the technology it offers to our collective advantage. There is so much left to discover, but we can assure you that if you join us on this journey we will be breaking down the barriers together, and pioneering the next phases of growth within the industry.

Written by: AngelBlock Team

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