Introducing THOL and NFT Staking

14 Apr 2023 · 5 min read

We are excited to announce that starting on Monday, April 17th, staking for THOL tokens and AngelBlock NFTs will go live, marking a significant milestone in the growth of the AngelBlock ecosystem. Staking is a vital feature that enables users to earn rewards, engage with the community, and enhance our platform’s security. This comprehensive guide will help users confidently navigate the changes brought about by staking, understand its role within the AngelBlock ecosystem, explore the benefits it offers to users, and learn about essential staking technical details.

Why We are Introducing Staking: Goals for the Long Term

Increasing network security

By introducing staking, we aim to increase the security of the AngelBlock network. Staking incentivizes users to actively participate in the network, leading to a more robust, secure, and decentralized ecosystem. By having a larger number of users contributing to the platform’s security, we can better protect our platform from potential threats and vulnerabilities. This will become particularly crucial when we introduce community validators (coming soon), who will conduct external due diligence and list startups raising funds on AngelBlock.

Enabling community participation

Staking also allows for increased community participation in the AngelBlock ecosystem. As users stake their THOL tokens, they can directly contribute to the network’s growth and stability. By engaging our community, we empower them to take an active role in the development of the platform and foster a sense of ownership and responsibility among users. Furthermore, it brings us closer to forming the AngelBlock DAO, where staking at least one AngelBlock NFT will be required for entry and participation.

Generating sustainable rewards for real users

Staking is designed to generate sustainable rewards for real users. By providing incentives for users to stake their THOL tokens, we create a thriving ecosystem where participants are motivated to engage in the platform and contribute to its success. This helps ensure that the rewards generated by staking are distributed fairly among genuine users, promoting a healthy and sustainable growth model.

Elevating the AngelBlock Experience: The Benefits of Staking for Users and the Ecosystem

Earn rewards by putting your THOL to work

By staking your THOL tokens, you can earn a portion of the rewards designated for the staking rewards pool. This pool is specifically created to incentivize users who stake their tokens, actively supporting the AngelBlock ecosystem.

Increase benefits using the AngelBlock platform

Staking your THOL tokens not only earns you rewards but also provides additional benefits within the AngelBlock platform. Users can enjoy priority access to raises and increased ticket sizes according to their staking tier (more on this later). This incentivizes users to stake more tokens and actively participate in the ecosystem.

Become a validator of the AngelBlock ecosystem

Staking your THOL tokens also gives you the opportunity to become a validator in the AngelBlock ecosystem. Validators play a crucial role in maintaining the network’s stability and security, and staking a certain amount of THOL tokens is required to become one. More details on this will be provided soon.

Staking Key Details Explained

Staking Rewards

The initial APY for staking THOL tokens is set at around 20%. However, this rate can fluctuate based on various factors, including the total amount of THOL tokens and NFTs staked, as well as the value of staked NFTs. The value of staked NFTs depends on aspects such as the floor price, the price of Ethereum (ETH), and the THOL token price, which can all impact the rewards rate.

Auto-Compounding of Rewards

Staking rewards are auto-compounded daily by default. This feature automatically reinvests the rewards, potentially increasing returns over time. Users can also call the auto-compounding function more frequently if they believe it will be more beneficial for their specific staking situation.

Staking Limits and Unlocking

There are no minimum or maximum limits for staking THOL tokens, you can start with 1 THOL up to whatever amount you prefer. However, once tokens are staked, a 10-day unlocking period applies, during which the tokens do not accrue rewards. This cooldown period deters rapid staking movements and enables the protocol to more accurately assess user eligibility and priority access for upcoming and ongoing raises. Note that users can have up to 10 active unlocking requests at the same time.

NFT Staking

Staking is also supported for AngelBlock NFTs following similar rules as THOL staking, with rewards being determined based on the correspective THOL value of the NFTs. (NFT staking formula). However, unlike THOL staking, there is no 10-day unlocking period, and users can withdraw their NFTs immediately after requesting the unlock, providing more flexibility and instant liquidity for NFT assets.

Staking Tiers

The AngelBlock platform offers different levels of access and benefits based on staking tiers, determined by the amount of $THOL tokens staked. There are four tiers:
  • Standard user (tier 0): 0–20k $THOL staked
  • Value investor (tier 1): 20k — 100k $THOL staked (Basic benefits like early access to fundraises)
  • Angel investor (tier 2): 100k — 500k $THOL staked (More benefits like 2nd highest ticket size and 2nd priority of access for a given fundraise)
  • Institutional investor (tier 3): 500k+ $THOL staked (Premium benefits like highest possible ticket size and priority of access)
The specific benefits for each tier are being further defined and will be announced soon.

Conclusion: Embracing Staking and the Ongoing Evolution of the AngelBlock Ecosystem

The introduction of staking for THOL tokens is a significant step in the ongoing development of the AngelBlock ecosystem. It not only provides users with opportunities to earn rewards but also helps us achieve our long-term goals of increased network security, community participation, and sustainable growth.
This is just one part of the comprehensive AngelBlock roadmap. We are continuously working on refining staking features, such as the staking tiers, and developing a full suite of solutions for the AngelBlock ecosystem. Some of these upcoming features include enabling gas fee payments in THOL instead of ETH and introducing new functionalities like Badges and Private Raises, which will be presented later this year.
We believe that the introduction of staking is a crucial milestone for AngelBlock and its community. By empowering our users to participate actively in the platform’s growth and success, we are confident that AngelBlock will continue to thrive and deliver innovative solutions for the decentralized finance space. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to build a brighter future for the AngelBlock ecosystem.

Written by: Christian Santagata

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