June Roundup: 3 successful raises, $240K raised, and more.

01 Jul 2024 · 10 min read

Project Updates
Project Updates
Project Updates
Project Updates
Product & Development Updates
Product & Development Updates
Product & Development Updates
Product & Development Updates
Business Development Updates
Business Development Updates
Business Development Updates
Business Development Updates
Marketing & Community
Marketing & Community
Marketing & Community
Marketing & Community
June has been one of the best months for AngelBlock. Not only did we close 3 successful raises in a very short time, but we also witnessed the hard work our biz dev and tech teams provided throughout this month, despite the market conditions.
Both, the projects raising and our infrastructure, proved that our mechanisms for on-chain fundraising can offer investors better incentives to get involved in seed rounds with full protection and governance standards that no launchpad could secure at this market stage. We couldn't be more proud of both our team and our community’s support and all that during the worst period for the overall market in the last 18 months.

Project Updates


On June 6, our fundraise for DeltaPrime concluded, marking the successful completion of our 4th raise on the protocol!
This raise was a significant milestone for us, as it was one of the first projects we announced almost two years ago.
Here are the details of the raise:
  • Amount Raised: $139,374 with a hard cap of $200,000
  • Unique Investors: 50
  • Average Investment: $2,787
The DeltaPrime fundraise was the first to introduce our new concepts of Milestone 0 and Milestone 1. The completion of the raise marked the successful fulfilment of Milestone 0, which released 33% of the total raised funds to assist the project with everything leading up to their TGE.
What’s next for DeltaPrime?
  • TGE: 1st of July
  • Next Milestone Vote: 16 Jul 2024
  • First $PRIME claim: 09 of July


This was the second round that we hosted for Lingo, bringing the total raised funds for both rounds at $150,000. In June we hosted part of Lingo’s Community Round and hit our hardcap of $50,000 raised, making the raise sold out in under 36 hours!
What’s next for Lingo?
  • TGE: TBA
  • Milestones: Completed
SquaDeFi SquaDeFi was the last raise we hosted in June. The raise hit its’ hardcap of $50,000 in 24-hours!
Here are the details of the raise: -Amount Raised: $50,000 with a hard cap of $50,000
  • Unique Investors: 24
  • *Average Investment: $2,083
What’s next for SquaDefi?
  • TGE: 21st of September
  • Next Milestone Vote: 22 Dec 2024

The Script Network

The 4th token claim for $SCPT tokens happened in June.
Important Note for Script Investors: Since the very first token claims, we are experiencing and will continue to experience token distribution delays from the Script Network team. This stems from how the SCPT team approaches token vesting and unlocks. Apart from a slight delay in when tokens become claimable there is nothing to worry about. We appreciate your trust and understanding in the matter and want to be as transparent as possible for the future claims as well.
What’s next for Script?
  • Next token claim: 20 Jul 2024
  • Next Milestone Vote: 19 Sep 2024

Product & Development Updates

New networks integrated
  • Avalanche
  • Polygon
  • Base
New features introduced:
  • Updated our Milestone Mechanics with the introduction of Milestone 0 and milestone 1
  • Upgraded the protocol so we are able to host OTC fundraises
  • Improved token claiming experience (upcoming)
  • Improved individual project pages and fundraise configuration. New upgrade allows an improved SEO configuration and higher scalability
Technical updates:
  • AngelBlock became A0 MOST guardian. You can read more about that here.
  • Failover mechanism for AngelBlock hosted nodes (A0, MOST. Meaning that there is now an improved mechanism to ensure node's stability in case of powergrid or internet breaks.

Business Development Updates

Our team is currently in talks with projects that will soon be raising on our protocol. We want to make sure that all the projects you’ll see on the platform are those we’d invest in ourselves. From reviewing their applications through all the important assignments and talks we have with them, we want to make sure that everything feels right. In order to make sure that everything is buttoned up to the last detail before our community learns about them and they get listed on our protocol. On that note we are happy to share that in the coming month we will be hosting the raises for:
You can check our official announcement here. If you are eager to learn more about them, you can already watch our first AMA session with Chainsight here. More information will be released soon with dedicated articles for both projects.


Staking update-2 (1).png

Staking Metrics Update

THOL Staking
  • Total staked: 60,283,798 $THOL
  • Stakers: 709
  • NFTs staked: 1153 (Current market value per NFT: 2,338 $THOL
  • THOL staking rewards pool: 19,112,041 $THOL
You can stake here.
Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 3.17.26 PM.png

AlephZero Validator Node Update: 2.88M AZERO Staked

We are always looking to improve and resolve any uptime issues or hiccups we may have had to keep the node running as close to 100% uptime as possible. We are thankful for the AlephZero Community's trust in staking with us.

Marketing & Community

There has been a lot going on in our Marketing and Community front as we are striving for keeping our community updated and in the know about all our update and important info they need to know prior any raise we are having in our protocol. For that reason and with 3 successful raises during June our coms were among our 1st priorities. To give you a glimpse on what we did:

Looking Ahead

Looking forward to what’s to come we couldn’t be more excited and proud of what has been accomplished so far. Thank you for tagging along with us, thank you for your support and let’s change fundraising in crypto one raise at a time.

Written by: Nikos Fratzeskos

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