The bright future of on-chain fundraising opens up for DRKVRS

02 Feb 2024 · 5 min read

In the realm where darkness is often said to linger beneath the candle, our perspective takes an unexpected turn. Fueled by the spirit of encouragement for our community and an unwavering focus on the evolution of Aleph Zero, we recognized the immense potential that ingenious projects could bring to this ecosystem. From the outset, we've tirelessly laboured to seamlessly integrate with their chain. Our hard work has just borne fruit, enabling users to actively participate and reap the benefits of this partnership and integration. Simultaneously, we've opened our doors to AZERO projects, providing a platform for secure, transparent, and on-chain raises. It's with great pride that we extend a warm welcome to one of the first Aleph Zero projects, DRKVRS – feel at fundraising home!

What is DRKVRS?

DRKVRS aims to be a unique experience, building a Multiplayer Action RPG Game that will allow users the opportunity to access the darkest recesses of their imagination in a safe and secure environment. Conceived as the antithesis of the candy-colored approach to the digital world, DRKVRS will be beautifully gloomy from an aesthetic standpoint.
The DRKVRS storyline takes the participant into the bowels of Leviathan, a cosmic beast that has been traversing the universe for billions of years, encapsulating entire civilizations within itself. Inside that mythical creature, users will explore the city of Babalon—a transhumanist dystopia serving as the central hub for players to interact with one another, advance the story, and pursue complex moral choices, including rated-R activities.


With a bridge solution for Aleph Zero projects nearing completion and progressing into the auditing phase, we are thrilled to announce the implementation of one of the first projects from this ecosystem on our protocol. Our AZERO - ETH messaging bridge will allow us to start raising for all AZERO-based startups. It allows us to tap into EVM stablecoin liquidity for the process of the raise while keeping the token claim AZERO native.
We see DRKVRS as not only an up-and-coming player within Web3 gaming but also a team with accolades and accomplishments who can create a deep, immersive game that is fun to play - something that has been missing in the GameFi landscape for too long.
“We’re very excited for what the team at DRKVRS has been building. GameFi has proven to be an appealing sector for years, but one that has rarely made good on its promises and expectations. We see DRKVRS as a team that is primed to start delivering a top-quality gaming experience first and foremost.” — said Alex Strześniewski, CEO & Founder of AngelBlock
“This is our first step towards opening up to the Aleph Zero community. Partnering with AngelBlock stands as the beginning of an exciting journey, and we're thrilled to share incredible news with the community throughout this on-chain fundraising. We encourage our community to stay tuned as we unfold a series of announcements that promise to elevate this collaboration and bring exciting developments to the AZERO ecosystem as well.” — adds Kamil Cislo, Co-Founder of DRKVRS

When does the raise start?

The exact start date for the DRKVRS raise in Q1-Q2 2024 will be revealed soon.
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What should I keep in mind before this raise?

Before the raise begins, it's a good idea to update your knowledge or learn how things work on AngelBlock. Don't worry – we've got you covered! Explore our guide on navigating the platform, using an example of a previous project that had its successful fundraising experience on our protocol:

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