SoFi investment app for onchain traders.

SquaDeFi.xyz explores a unique blend of SocialFi innovation and eToro investment guidance, allowing direct copy trading of crypto assets from web3 wallets.

SquaDeFi.xyz allows you to automatically copy trades of other crypto-traders with skin in the game. It’s a dummy-proof mobile app for the growing crypto investment market, where crypto retail investors can find verified investment strategies and copy them to their Web3 wallet.
SquaDeFi, the pioneering ecosystem for financial influencers, offers personalized tokens, automated trade following, and premium content. Followers can verify and automatically copy successful strategies, enabling trading through top exchanges and wallets globally.
SquaDeFi's uniqueness lies in its focus on finance and financial influencers. Compared to other web3 SoFi Apps, SquaDeFi offers a unique focus on financial influencers and has successfully implemented scalable personalized token monetization.


SquaDeF.xyz i has two primary revenue streams: a commission on trading operations and a commission from the sale of influencers' access keys. The trading operations commission is 0.25% per transaction, and the purchase/sale commission of an access keys is 5%. The synergy of these models drives rapid financial growth for the company through a viral effect: selling access keys draws influencers, their growth boosts follower numbers, leading to more automatic trades and revenue from transactions.

Revenue streams and pricing strategy

  • Access keys:
Unlocking access to influencers content and ability to automatically copy-trade his strategy. There is a 10% fee on top of every purchase/sale which is equally split between influencer and SquaDeFi.
  • Trading Fees:
Trading fees include a 0.25% transaction fee on every crypto transaction.

Unlocking Creator Content with SQDF

In the SquaDeFi world, access to creator content is exclusive. Here's how it works:
Token Utility
  • Buy Access Keys: Purchase access keys to your favorite content with SQDF tokens. It's straightforward—SQDF is the only currency accepted here.
  • Rewards for All: When you buy an access key, the creator earns a 5% reward from the transaction. SquaDeFi also receives a 5% reward, fueling the ecosystem's growth.
  • Liquidity and Scarcity: The majority of the key's cost is stored in a liquidity pool, creating a scarcity of SQDF tokens as more keys are traded. This scarcity can lead to an increase in the SQDF token's value, benefiting everyone in the ecosystem.
This system doesn't just make the content market vibrant; it's a strategic move to enhance community engagement and manage the SQDF supply thoughtfully. We'll burn a part of the fees we collect. This way, we'll decrease the amount of tokens circulating in the system each time, creating a deflationary model for the token.

SQDF and Copy-Trading: A Synergistic Duo

Copy-trading with SquaDeFi is not just about mirroring success; it's about enhancing the SQDF ecosystem:
Token Utility
  • Follow trades: Our system smartly replicates trades, keeping the action seamless.
  • Gas Fees and Beyond: While ensuring your wallet has enough ETH for gas fees, we've introduced a game-changer—reserving 5% of funds in SQDF tokens for copy-trading activities.
  • Boosting SQDF Utility: The more you engage in copy-trading, the more SQDF tokens are locked. This not only secures funds for operations but integrates SQDF deeper into our ecosystem's functionalities.
Allocation of SQDF tokens in Follower's wallets aims to boost demand for the SQDF token, potentially positively impacting its market price


  • Bootstrapped MVP
  • 500+ Integrated protocols
  • 13+ networks
  • 11K in the Waitlist
  • Targeting $1.3T DEX market

Key Features

  • Connect your wallet and earn: Sell access to your trading strategy.
  • Automated copy trading: Find top-performing users, buy access to their strategy, and automatically copy their moves.
  • Simple UI/UX ready for mass adoption.
  • Leaderboards: Easily find the top-performing user
  • Get the best execution price: Obtain the best prices from 10+ DEXs.



AngelBlock Token Price


Initial price at TGE

1,000,000,000 SQDF

Max. token supply


Initial market cap


Initial Supply


Initial Circulating Supply


Token symbol

Tokenomics Structure





KOL Round








Liquidity / Market makers










Early Backers/ Angels


Tokenomics chart

Vesting Chart

Vesting chart

AngelBlock investors info

31st of August

TGE date

3 months

Cliff period

12 months

Token unvestings



The team is balanced with serial entrepreneurs, experts in building the largest Russian brands, and specialists in developing the largest brokerage solutions.
Together, they previously built Qure.Finance, a social investment app valued at $50M with over 70k registered accounts. Licensed by SEC, integrated with a US broker-dealer, and featured in WSJ, Forbes, Nasdaq, etc. Developed a unique financial advisory service enabling copy trading through an investment advisory vehicle and achieved one of the lowest CPI ($3) and CAC ($100) among US trading/investing apps.
Empowered by investors and advisers from Bitfury, Morgan Stanley, E-trade, Zerion.
For further expansion after the Seed round, we plan to hire a manager from YouTube or Instagram to build an influencers' success department.
Igor Sheremet

Igor Sheremet


12 years executive experience in Enterpreneurship, Fintech, Web3, BD, Fundraising, Public Speaker, one exit
Stan Hoody

Stan Hoody


14 years in marketing and product: Former Brand Director of Cian (IPO'd in 2021), Former Lead brand manager hh.ru company (IPO'd in 2019)
Tim Tkachenko

Tim Tkachenko


12 years in IT & Fintech. Former DEGIRO, leading European stockbroker

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