AngelBlock x SquaDeFi | Next raise coming June 25th!

19 Jun 2024 · 10 min read

SquaDeFi Raise on AngelBlock
SquaDeFi Raise on AngelBlock
SquaDeFi Tokenomics
SquaDeFi Tokenomics
We are thrilled to announce that the next project raising on our protocol, starting on June 25th at 1:00 PM CEST, is SquaDeFi, a Web3 social trading app! SquaDeFi brings together financial influencers and assists them in monetizing their investment strategies and trading knowledge. It’s a mobile app where influencers share their portfolios, enabling followers to automatically follow their trades, buy their personal tokens, and access exclusive content.
In the article below we will get into all the details and info about SquaDefi and how you can participate in the upcoming raise.
  • What is SquaDefi & How Does It Work?
  • SquaDeFi Highlights
  • $SQDF Utility & Tokenomics
  • AngelBlock X SquaDeFi Raise
  • AngelBlock X SquaDeFi Milestones
  • How to Participate In The Raise?

What is SquaDefi & How Does it Work?

SquaDeFi is a Web3 social trading app designed to allow financial influencers to monetize their investment strategies by sharing their portfolios, creating their own tokens, and sharing exclusive content. Users can follow these creators, automatically mirror their trades, and access exclusive content through the SquaDeFi app. The platform aims to simplify social trading and provide a reliable investment service for private investors by leveraging the expertise of experienced investors.

How Does it Work in a Nutshell?

Influencers sign up on SquaDefi and create profiles, linking their accounts to allow real-time tracking of their trades. They share their strategies and portfolios transparently, enabling followers to see and copy their trades.
On the other hand, users browse the platform to find influencers to follow and subscribe to, typically for a fee Subscribed followers can automatically mirror the trades, ensuring they benefit from the same investment decisions as the creators they follow. IInfluencers can also provide exclusive content, such as market analysis and investment tips, to their subscribers.

What Makes SquaDeFi Unique?

SquaDeFi's uniqueness lies in its focus on finance and financial influencers. Compared to other web3 SoFi Apps, SquaDeFi offers a unique focus on financial influencers and has successfully implemented scalable personalized token monetization.
SquaDeFi has two primary revenue streams: a commission on trading operations and a commission from the sale of influencers' access keys.
  • The trading operations commission is 0.25% per transaction.
  • The purchase/sale commission of an access key is 5%.
The synergy of these models drives rapid financial growth for the company through a viral effect: selling access keys draws influencers, whose growth boosts follower numbers, leading to more automatic trades and revenue from transactions.

Revenue Streams and Pricing Strategy

  • Access keys: Unlocking access to influencers’ content and ability to automatically copy-trade his strategy. There is a 10% fee on top of every purchase/sale, which is equally split between influencer and SquaDeFi.
  • Trading Fees: Trading fees include a 0.25% transaction fee on every crypto transaction.


  • Bootstrapped MVP
  • 500+ Integrated protocols
  • 13+ networks
  • 11K in the Waitlist
  • Targeting $1.3T DEX market

Key Features

  • Connect Your Wallet and Earn: Sell access to your trading strategy.
  • Automated Copy Trading: Find top-performing users, buy access to their strategy, and automatically copy their moves.
  • Simple UI/UX: Ready For Mass Adoption.
  • Leaderboards: Easily find the top-performing user
  • Get Best Execution Price: Obtain the best prices from 10+ DEXs.

$SQDF Utility & Tokenomics

Unlocking Creator Content with $SQDF

In the SquaDeFi world, access to creator content is exclusive. Here's how it works:
  • Buy Access Keys: Purchase access keys to your favorite content with SQDF tokens. It's straightforward—SQDF is the only currency accepted here.
  • Rewards for All: When you buy an access key, the creator earns a 5% reward from the transaction. SquaDeFi also receives a 5% reward, fueling the ecosystem's growth.
  • Liquidity and Scarcity: The majority of the key's cost is stored in a liquidity pool, creating a scarcity of SQDF tokens as more keys are traded. This scarcity can lead to an increase in the SQDF token's value, benefiting everyone in the ecosystem.
This system doesn't just make the content market vibrant; it's a strategic move to enhance community engagement and manage the SQDF supply thoughtfully. They burn a part of the fees they collect. This way, they will decrease the amount of tokens circulating in the system each time, creating a deflationary model for the token.

SQDF and Copy-Trading: A Synergistic Duo

Copy-trading with SquaDeFi is not just about mirroring success; it's about enhancing the SQDF ecosystem:
  • Follow trades: Our system smartly replicates trades, keeping the action seamless.
  • Gas Fees and Beyond: While ensuring your wallet has enough ETH for gas fees, we've introduced a game-changer—reserving 5% of funds in SQDF tokens for copy-trading activities.
  • Boosting SQDF Utility: The more you engage in copy-trading, the more SQDF tokens are locked. This not only secures funds for operations but integrates SQDF deeper into our ecosystem's functionalities.
Allocation of SQDF tokens in follower's wallets aims to boost demand for the SQDF token, potentially leading to a positive impact on its market price.

$SQDF Tokenomics

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 1.10.48 PM.png
Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 1.10.58 PM.png
If you interested in learning more about $SQDF utility and deep dive on the tokenomics you can check the details here.
Learn more about SquaDeFi here.

AngelBlock X SquaDeFi Raise

Update 25/06/24: TGE & 1st Milestone date changed
The initial price for $SQDF is set at $0.015. However, investors on AngelBlock will be able to access it at Seed Round price which is set at $0.005. AngelBlock Raise Goals
  • Soft Cap: $15,000
  • Hard Cap: $50,000
Raise Details
  • The maximum token supply stands at 1,000,000,000.
  • The circulating supply of $SQDF at the time of launch 16,869,048 $SQDF.
  • The initial market capitalization of $SQDF is set at $253,036 with the fully diluted market cap at $15,000,000.
  • The minimum investment to participate in SquaDeFi raise is set at $500.
  • For investors who have not completed KYC, their maximum contribution in the raise is set at $999. You can read more about that in the KYC process we have implemented below.
  • Investors will be able to participate in the raise with USDT on ETH mainnet. The token claim however will be on the BASE chain.
  • TGE is scheduled to take place on 21st of September 2024.
The Seed Round vesting plan is:
  • Cliff: 3 months
  • Linear Vesting: 12 months in total

AngelBlock X SquaDeFi Milestones

Our approach to governance is a distinctive feature of AngelBlock, setting us apart from the competition, each project listed on AngelBlock, a set of milestones is established before the fundraising event begins. Each milestone includes clear deliverables, timelines, the proportion of the budget to be unlocked for the projects, and the amount of tokens to be released.
These milestones serve as progress checkpoints and provide reassurance for investors. Upon reaching a milestone date, the startup submits a delivery report. As an investor, you then vote to approve or reject the progress based on this report. This system ensures the startup's progress and the release of funds become a shared responsibility between the startup and its investors.
In our Milestone process, we recently introduced two new-hardoced- milestones, Milestone 0 and Milestone 1. These will likely be set as standard presets for most future fundraises.
Milestone 0: This milestone involves unlocking liquidity immediately after the fundraise. This liquidity is crucial for the project to secure early liquidity necessary for processes such as CEX/DEX listings and protocol expansion. It enables the startup to progress more swiftly through subsequent milestones.
Milestone 1: This milestone is hardcoded for all future fundraises and marks the Token Generation Event (TGE) — essentially, their token launch. Milestone 1 will be tied to each project's first unlock, allowing investors to claim their initial batch of tokens upon milestone approval. For example, if a project has a 3-month cliff period, then Milestone 1 will occur 3 months after their TGE . This milestone is designed to protect our investors by ensuring startups cannot delay their launch indefinitely or until they run out of funds, thereby aligning milestones with tangible project progress.
A specific framework has been implemented dictating how Milestone 0 and 1 will work on each start-up raising dependent on the total amount raised, investment round & start-ups development phase.

SquaDeFi Milestones

Milestone 0
  • Delivery date: End of the fundraise
  • Funds released: 50%
  • Deliverables: Initial release of funds to kickstart the startup's activities.
Milestone 1
  • Delivery date: 21 Dec 2024
  • Funds released: 50%
  • Deliverables: TGE and funds reception by investors. AngelBlock investors will receive first unlock of tokens after TGE and 3 months vesting.

How to Participate in the raise?

Update 25/06/24: Time access per tier has changed
1. Staking Tiers At AngelBlock, we've instituted a distinctive staking tiers system designed to create a fair and rewarding environment for investors. By staking $THOL tokens, you are placed into specific tiers which each have their own level of priority access and ticket sizes to the fundraising projects. Here's a detailed look at our staking tiers:
  • Standard User (Tier 0): Users who've staked 0 – 20k $THOL fall into this category. Standard users can invest up to $2k, and they gain access to the fundraise after the first three tiers have had their opportunity.
  • Value Investor (Tier 1): Users staking 20k – 100k $THOL become Value Investors. These users have the opportunity to invest up to $10k and gain early access to fundraises after the first two tiers have participated.
  • Angel Investor (Tier 2): With 100k – 500k $THOL staked, investors fall into the Angel Investor tier. These investors have access to larger investment ticket sizes of up to $25k, along with the privilege of second priority access for the given fundraises.
  • Institutional Investor (Tier 3): Our top-tier users, staking 500k+ $THOL, are labeled as Institutional Investors. These individuals enjoy the most substantial benefits, being able to invest up to $50k and gaining first priority access to fundraises.
Note: Each tier enjoys a 2-hour window of priority to invest in the project, starting with Institutional Investors, followed by Angel Investors, Value Investors, and lastly Standard Users. You can learn more about our staking tiers here.
You can get THOL here:
  • Visit Uniswap and swap your preferred tokens for THOL
  • Visit MEXC and get THOL through the USDT/THOL trading pair.
  • Visit BitMart and get THOL through the USDT/THOL trading pair.
You can stake your THOL here. Learn more about staking here.
2. The KYC process Participation in SquaDeFi raise for contributions exceeding $999 requires completion of a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This process is designed to prevent fraud and illegal activities. The KYC process is managed by Fractal ID, an identity solution provider for the web3 space. Completing the KYC process prior to the raise can help avoid potential delays that may occur due to high demand during the raise. For more information about the KYC process and how to complete the identity verification check out our dedicated article.
3. Participating in the raise After completing your KYC and acquiring the required amount of THOL for the staking tier you desire, participating in the raise is a straightforward process. You can see the process of participating in a raise on AngelBlock with our step-by-step guide here.
4. Post-Raise Governance On AngelBlock, the role of an investor extends beyond merely contributing capital. Upon making an investment, the contributor is assigned a Badge, a unique, non-transferable ERC-1155 token. This Badge symbolizes the investor's voting power during milestone voting, thus participating in critical project decisions. Due to their non-transferable nature, these Badges ensure only the original investors can take part in milestone voting, upholding the integrity of the project's development direction. It is essential for investors to vote from the wallet that initially received the Badge. You can learn more about badges and how they work by visiting our blog here.
Reminder: Keep the wallet you plan to invest in safe at all times. If anything happens to your wallet, there is no other way to claim your tokens or vote during the milestone process.


We believe it's essential for you, as an investor, to familiarize yourself with AngelBlock's unique features prior to the start of the raise on June 25th at 1:00 PM CEST.
Our goal is to cultivate a transparent, equitable, and investor-focused environment in digital asset fundraising. It's essential to recognize that we're not merely providing an investment platform but an opportunity to actively engage in the growth and success of innovative startups within the web3 within the web3 ecosystem.
For any further queries or support, don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can do so by joining our community: Discord Telegram X

Written by: Nikos Fratzeskos

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