September Roundup: Stabble's 1st Milestone Voting Results, Protocol Infrastructure Update, Crosschain Update and more

04 Oct 2023 · 5 min read

Monthly Update
Monthly Update
Development & DevOps
Development & DevOps
Marketing & Community
Marketing & Community
September was a bustling month for AngelBlock, with exciting developments across all fronts.

Product Updates

Stabble’s 1st Milestone Voting Approved

1st Stabble Milestone Voting passed.png
Stabble (formerly SOLAX) had its 1st milestone vote approved, investors gave their green light to the 1st milestone and released 20% of the raised funds. Our protocol is now geared up for Stabble’s upcoming milestones (2nd Milestone started on Oct. 1). While we always hope for the best, we are prepared for any unforeseen challenges during milestone deliveries, and our protocol is designed to protect all parties involved.
If you participated in the raise, cast your vote here for Stabble's 2nd Milestone.

Development & DevOps

Our development team has been working hard delivering numerous updates to enhance our protocol. In September, our dev team successfully completed:
  1. Updating the milestone voting system for improved security and streamlined processing of voting results.

  2. Blog Updates - As our community relies on the blog to find valuable information about upcoming raises and our platform, we've introduced several improvements for user experience, including pagination, enhanced navigation, and a newsletter subscription. More upgrades, such as search functionality, are currently in development.

Protocol Infrastructure Upgrades:

  • Upgraded version of infrastructure and cluster for all developer environments (Development, Staging, Preproduction, and Production Environments).

  • We introduced cross-chain diamonds for smart contracts - that allow not only to handle single chain raises, but also to handle raises with tokens scattered over multiple chains. It’s worth noting that the application's logic is no longer isolated inside a single chain, but rather lives and keeps its state across multiple chains.

  • Crosschain raises for Avalanche and Polygon projects are ready and currently undergoing testing. Our multichain solution allows us to host raises on over 25 EVM compatible chains. We are using LayerZero and integrating their EVM bridge solution to make our protocol multichain. You can check here all the chains the we have the possibility to host raises.

Looking ahead to October and beyond:

We'll closely monitor the entire protocol, ensuring everything functions as expected and planning necessary upgrades. Our team is also developing its own bridge from Ethereum to AlephZero, enabling fundraisers for non-EVM chains.


THOL Staking Update

  • Total THOL staked: 22,201,422 $THOL

  • Staker count: 310

  • NFTs staked: 880

  • Current market value per NFT: 8,088 $THOL

  • THOL staking rewards pool: 26,291,383 $THOL

If you haven't staked your $THOL or NFTs yet, you can start staking here.
Aleph Zero Validator Node: 2.39M AZERO Staked
AngelBlock AlephZero Node.png
Our Aleph Zero validator node has passed the half year mark with 2.39M $AZERO staked. This growth reflects the community's trust and our low 5% commission. Our validator has maintained an impressive 99.99% uptime, demonstrating reliability, security, and performance.

Marketing & Community

Upcoming Raises Update

Throughout September, we shared two Google forms featuring information on three startups being considered for a raise on our protocol:
Our community’s interest has been invaluable in assessing preferences, guiding our plans for the upcoming raises.


We also hosted a ticket giveaway for EBC Barcelona, where Alex, our CEO & Founder, will be speaking. If you're among the winners or attending, come visit our booth and say hello!


We have been ramping up video content production with our team as you might have seen in our channels already. You can see our first video here.


A huge shoutout to our dedicated ambassadors who've been spreading the word about our project far and wide. We're immensely grateful for your contributions. Same goes for the rest of the community and moderators team who are equally welcoming, ready to assist new members and answer questions.

Moving Forward

As we look ahead to the next few months, we're excited about the ongoing developments and news across our protocol, with a keen focus on upcoming raises. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to drop by our community – we'd love to see you there!

Written by: Nikos Fratzeskos

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