Stabble Milestone Voting Update: Milestone 3 & 4 Re-planning Proposal

16 Oct 2023 · 5 min read

Milestone Replanning
Milestone Replanning
Milestone 3 & 4
Milestone 3 & 4
With the successful approval of the last milestone vote, Stabble (formerly SOLA-X) has now completed two milestone votes, and investors have shown their approval for the progress made.
However, significant developments regarding SEI network over the past few months have led Stabble to consider re-planning of their upcoming milestones. The Stabble team has released an announcement outlining the reasons for this proposed milestone adjustment. You can find detailed information and the proposed changes by the Stabble team here.

In short, Stabble team is looking to:

1. Change some of the individual components of the 3rd milestone, scheduled for Nov. 1, 2023.

New proposed Milestone 3:

  • [Solana]: Smart Liquidity Routing (SLR) release on devnet. SLR allows users to provide auto-rebalanced liquidity to multiple liquidity pools with a single deposit. Users will automatically receive APY from these pools until they withdraw their liquidity and unstake their tokens.

  • Host a Transaction Aggregator on AWS to index all transactions (swaps, add/remove liquidity) of stabble pools. This will allow them to generate historical statistical data for pool performance.


  • [Solana]: Smart Liquidity Routing (SLR) release on devnet SLR will be deployed on testnet. With SLR, a user only has to deposit one single asset in order to provide auto-rebalanced liquidity to multiple liquidity pools. The user will receive APY automatically from these pools until he decides to withdraw the liquidity and to unstake his tokens.

  • [SEI]: Stable Pool Contract (Test on Testnet), SEI Dapp (Deposit/Withdraw LP)

2. Change the date of the 4th milestone to 1st of March in 2024.

Based on this update, all Stabble investors now need to make a decision to either approve or reject these proposed milestone changes.
The voting process will take place on starting on October 17, 2023, at 12:00 PM CET and will run until October 24, 2023, at 12:00 PM CET. Once voting starts, you can vote here.
To cast your vote, you must be a Stabble investor and use the same wallet you used during the initial raise. Your voting power corresponds to your investment in Stabble and is based on the Investor’s badge you received. If you want to discuss the vote with other Stabble investors or have questions for the Stabble team, you can now do so on our Discord here by verifying your badge and gaining access to Stabble's gated Discord channel.
If the vote is rejected, then milestones #3 and #4 remain the same as they were before and investors will have to vote according to the previous plan.

Written by: Nikos Fratzeskos

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